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Attention loop lovers!
Our Fruit Loop combo is your invitation to a flavour carnival!

Get ready to twist and shout with the tropical tang of mango and guava doing the limbo on your taste buds!

Then, brace yourself for a surprise attack of passion fruit and strawberry boba bursting onto the scene like confetti!

It's a flavour-filled journey through a rainbow of deliciousness, where every loop is a new adventure waiting to be devoured. So grab your spoon and get ready to loop-de-loop your way to fruity fun!

Fruit Loop

  • 4 Mango Bubble Tea Mixes (50g each): Bursting with tropical sweetness, this mix transports you to sunny mango orchards with every sip.

    4 Guava Bubble Tea Mixes (50g each): Tangy and refreshing, this mix brings the exotic flavour of ripe guavas straight to your cup, making every bubble tea experience a tropical getaway.

    4 Passionfruit Boba Cups (50g each): Dive into a whirlwind of passion with this boba cup, filled with juicy passionfruit pearls that pop with flavour with every bite.

    4 Strawberry Boba Cups (50g each): Indulge in the sweet sensation of ripe strawberries with this boba cup, packed with luscious strawberry pearls that add a burst of fruity goodness to your bubble tea.

    10 Boba Straws: Sip and slurp your way to bubble tea bliss with our signature boba straw.

  • Bubble Tea Mix:

    • Store in a ziplock bag or airtight container.
    • Keep in a dry place away from moisture.
    • Use dry scoops to measure out the mix.

    Popping Boba:

    • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
    • After opening, refrigerate to maintain freshness.
    • Do not freeze.
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