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Why People All Over the World are Crazy About Bubble Teas

  • You have been unaware of the joys of life if you haven’t tried the Taiwanese treat-Bubble tea.

  • I am ready to protest about ‘Bubble tea for all’. If this magic portion is not available near your locality, move immediately. For less drastic measures, order our DIY bubble tea kit.

Even if this sweet delight is not for you, the growing fanbase must have at least gotten

you painfully curious. Let’s look into the history of Bubble tea and try to decode the roots of its popularity.

● The origin

We all want to thank the person who came up with sweet tapioca balls in milk tea

in the 1980s. Unfortunately, there is no sure evidence of who came up with

bubble tea. Two cafes in Taiwan fought in court for Bubble teas’ patent without


● The spread

Bubble tea has become synonymous with Taiwan with their government

declaring a ‘National bubble tea day’. Luckily for the rest of it, this yummy delight

stated its world dominance in the 1990s. Popular Bubble tea franchises like Tiger

Sugar, Youiccha, Xing Fu Tang, etc. opened up in the rest of Asia and eventually

in the US.

● The appetite

The older generation might have taken bubble tea lightly but the younger

generation seems to not make the same mistakes. Bubble tea is a cherished

drink in many malls across China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia,

Unites States, Africa, etc. The daily snaps, Instagram posts, and other aesthetic

use of bubble tea bottle beauty boosted its popularity further. I personally think

it's the straws. Definitely the straws.

Boba shops have gone to include non-dairy milk options and several new toppings like

custard pudding, grass jelly, oats, fruit boba, red beans, etc. to incorporate a larger

audience. The dominant bubble tea franchises’ monopoly has been challenged by

home-grown brands which are performing well. As the packaging keeps getting cuter

and the variety higher, I’m sure to donate large chunks of my salary to the drink for

many years to come.

There is no one reason for the popularity of pearl milk tea. The drink was revolutionary

from the start and it has stayed relevant throughout the years with reinvention and


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