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5 yummy bubble tea facts to satisfy your curiosity hunger

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Boba tea is the new crystal that spreads happiness. It is the new obsession that a few people can’t live without (pointing at *your* mirror). People love it because it’s difficult to make it from scratch. There are many more facts about our beloved Boba.

  • Boba tea was an accident

Yes, you heard it right! Something this perfect wasn’t planned. The story goes like this, a woman went to Chun Shui Tang tea house and ordered tea and sweet tapioca dessert. She mixed them for fun, and it somehow tasted wonderful. Another story also says 2 tea houses sued each other trying to patent this amazing invention. But in the end, who cares? I would love my bubble tea, even if it came from hell.

  • Bubble tea doesn’t automatically come with pearls

What?!?! How dare they? But that’s the truth. Originally bubble tea did not contain tapioca pearls. That’s why when you order bubble tea, the server will ask if you want pearls in it. And if your answer is ever no, we can’t be friends.

  • Boba means exactly what it sounds like

Boba is a Chinese slag for ‘big breasts’. Hence, tell your boyfriend that he can’t be obsessed with ‘boba’. It’s literally cheating!

  • The bubble in Bubble tea is not Boba

Ahahahaha! You have been tricked. Everyone assumes bubble is equal to tapioca pearls. But the bubble actually means the foam on top of the tea. This foam is specially made by whisking the milk. It is yummy, but what is life without a few added calories?

  • Boba can kill

Why are you still reading further after that subtitle? You fake boba lover, trying to find flaws in it! But to be honest, boba is made from starch which contains cyanide. But boba is safe once it’s cooked, so we are good. I mean, do you even mind dying a happy boba death?

Now you have become a little more Bubble tea connoisseur. Let’s celebrate that with our variety of bubble tea kits containing three bubble tea mixes, popping boba, brown sugar syrup, shaker, and big fat straws!

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